Did you know that International Tea Day is celebrated annually on December 15? There is no other day that would have been more appropriate than a cold day of December, right before the winter holidays.

Chamomile, lime, forest fruits, lavender or green tea? Sweetened with sugar, honey or honeybush? Bulk tea or sachets? While gathering together with your loved ones or while reading a good book on your couch? Only during the flu season? Or even in the warm season, with few ice cubes? No matter how you choose to enjoy your tea, there is a universal recipe that applies every winter: hot teas for cold days.

Not only because we are also part of the tea lovers community, but also because we are marketing lovers, we have decided to do a little research about the history of tea in advertising and more.

Let’s get it started. Did you know that...
• Tea is the most popular and cheapest drink in the world after water?
• Over 3 millions tons of tea is produced every year worldwide?
• Lipton is the world’s largets tea sales brand?
• 90% of people drink milk in their tea & 30% take sugar in their tea?
• There are about 1500 different types of tea in the world?
• The most expensive tea is a Chinese one, called Tieguanyin; half kilo of this tea costs nearly 1500 dollars?
• Consumers say that managing and releasing stress is an important factor in consuming tea?
• Exactly 358 years ago, the first advert for tea in England appeared in a publication describing it simply as a “China Drink”?
• Green tea is one of the tea varieties expected to gain market share in 2017, due to increased emphasis and awareness of its reported health benefits?
• Consumers say that managing and releasing stress is an important factor in consuming tea?
• It was at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis that iced tea was popularized and commercialized (not invented).  Due to the hot summer of 1904, people ignored any hot drinks and went in search of cold drinks, including iced tea.  Because of this, it changed the way the rest of Americans thought of tea, thus popularizing iced tea.


So, how many things have you learned today?
We end this article by hoping you’ll not have to drink tea against cold, but for your favourite flavour!

Until next time, Cora