Have you ever thought about writing your first Sustainability Report? A growing number of companies have started writing and promoting their sustainability report with the purpose of driving innovation and showing the positive impact that their activities have on the economic, social and environmental sectors.

If your company is looking to building trust among its stakeholders, partners and customers, this type of report can be the answer as it represents your openness to dialogue, demonstrate your willingness towards transparency and accountability. Most importantly, this is an important step in promoting your vision and strategy as well a comprehensive way of measuring your results.

To make sure your report is accurate and it represents all the important aspects of your company, you need to start with your research. What are the topics of interest for your stakeholders, what are the main issues you want to discuss, what is at the core of your business strategy? Find your answers before starting your report, as identifying your needs and expectations upfront will make the rest of the process easy.

Get people involved. Writing a sustainability report is not an easy task and surely not one that could be done by one person. It is something that concerns your entire organization. In this context, you need to bring people together, particularly the ones that are the most relevant to your needs.

And of course, make sure you promote your report properly. Ask yourselves this: is your report easy to find? Does it provide information of interest to others?

Discover our version of a Sustainability report, made for our client AIPROM (Romanian Association of the Crop Protection Industry) and the video created to sustain and further promote the main ideas.

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