Brief history of CCIB

What we all know about CCIB and also derives from its name is that the institution is involved in ensuring a stable and transparent business environment, favorable to the development of the economy.

What we probably don’t know is the impressive history of CCIB. It was founded 150 years ago, in 1868, as the first Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the territory of Romania. This short historical introduction is not accidental. This way, we try to get closer to the moment this project was born also proposed to our creative team.

Briefly, what need of CCIB got to be solved by our creative team?

Their need came to the agency in the form of a short, but clear brief: creating a logo marking their impressive experience that we mentioned above. Basically, what we had to do was to redesign CCIB's visual identity so the new one could speak by itself their main values ​​- prestige and longevity - no less than a century and a half. How can a brand's identity be better strengthened than using a memorable logo?

Goals to reach CCIB’s anniversary objectives

Challenge accepted, but not before specifying the main objectives of CCIB. First of all, redesigning the logo meant completing the essence of the brand and also marking the joy of such a long existence.

On the other hand, CCIB had to differentiate itself in such an important moment. What does differentiation mean in this context? The symbol of the ancient Greek God of commerce is, in fact, a common logo, used as a visual identity by all the Chambers of Commerce from Romania. The motivation is simple: the values ​​of the God of Commerce are common to all these institutions: skill, knowledge, mastery.


In view of this, our creative team had a huge challange in front of it, as the new logo was made to transform CCIB in an unique brand. The year of the 150th anniversary has to be marked by a visual differentiation from the rest of the institutions, right? The bigger the challenge, the bigger the results.

Our mission: creating a new logo, step by step

First step - research. Whether we are talking about graphic design, web design, online promotion or content marketing, we always put the research plan first. We are not following the well known idiom: ”Believe and don’t doubt”. It is important to know the company we work for: history, market evolution, target, strengths, weaknesses, medium and long-term goals. In this way, we evaluate some information that helps us deliver relevant solutions in the current brand context.
Second step - brainstorming. Our goal was to propose as many creative directions as possible, and ultimately to choose the best idea. After a bag of ideas was gathered, what was next was sorting them by transposing every idea into a visual design. Regarding brainstorming sessions, we believe that the auditory sensation is dominant, but when you add it to the visual one, you get one step closer to the truth.

Throughout this process, our team was always keeping in mind the following aspects:

  • First of all, the most important element to integrate into the logo was 150. 150 years of existence, professionalism and experience. ✔
  • At the same time, a logo must help identify the industry and be folded on the brand philosophy. That's why we decided to keep the symbol that consecrated The Chamber of Commerce- The God of Commerce, Hermes. Of course, integrated into a new design. ✔
  • Every logo has to be evocative, to tell a story. Practically, graphic illustration had to say, in an unwritten way, the story of 150 years experience. ✔
  • Last but not least, we didn’t underestimate the importance of colors, because we know that they have a psychological effect on the perception of the viewers. On this anniversary occasion, we switched the logo from a monochrome one to a polychrome one. Of course, the focus is the center of interest, namely 150 years, marked with a red hue (symbolizing prosperity). The other graphic details are dark blue - a symbol of sobriety and professionalism. ✔
With all these aspects in mind, we have reached the result and satisfied our client’s need: a unique logo that differentiates CCIB from similar institutions and at the same time preserves the identity that has been enshrined - the historical symbol of the God of Commerce.

With new colors and shapes, this anniversary logo blends harmoniously modern notes and historical notes. Simple but complex, classic but modern, the final version of the logo responds to CCIB's need to visually celebrate its age of a century and a half.

Thanks again, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest for your trust!