Every day, every week, every month means challenges, creativity, work and involvement for the entire diARK team. Successfully completed projects, experiences we always have something to learn from, satisfied customers and the satisfaction of doing things that we are truly passionate about. 

April, a month to remember
From many and various projects, smaller or larger, we want to share with you the most important one held in April - organizing, from head to tail, the anniversary event for one of our clients, the one that trigger our creative thinking the most, due to the industry they belong to, the agricultural industry. The anniversary moment was dedicated to the SCAPA project, the only mechanism for collecting and recycling pesticide packaging from AIPROM (the Romanian Plant Protection Industry Association).

What did this project mean? Ideas that turned out to be a WOW concept, brainstorming sessions, 2 months of work, mails and phones, location visits and supplier contracting, emotions and excitement and a huge satisfaction at the end. It was worth it!

From concept to implementation, step by step
Why do we say this event was a challenge? Because the agri industry is a sensitive industry that gives rise to many controversies and diverse opinions (organic agriculture versus conventional agriculture, with or without pesticides).

While some consumers advocate novelty, innovation, diversity, science and technology, the other side rejects the novelty and the effort of scientists striving to find optimal solutions to provide the food needed to such a large population. The anniversary moment of an unique national project had to be marked as such, so we got it started. How? The main objective was clear to us from the beginning: the celebration of an important moment not only for the SCAPA project, but for the agricultural industry in general as creatively as possible.

We wanted to celebrate beside people in the industry (representatives of state authorities, associations, farmers and distributors), in a formal but comfortable and friendly setting.

Where does the event take place?
Location. Yeah, picking the best location is a good start. Must-have(s): parking for the guests, a serious staff to pay attention to all details, a complete technical equipment and maybe catering services included. Hotel Caro Bucharest successfully ticks all of them. We call the contact, we just hope the chosen room is available for that date. Bingo, location was contracted! A baby step completed, but many others remained ahead.

Setting up SCAPA event’s agenda
Before attending an event, people should know exactly what will happen at the event, so we wanted to make certain that there is a clear mission to hold the event – a celebration. The program should be structured in such a way that the experience of those who participate is interesting and pleasant. In this way, we are sure that they will also return to future events. Once the event program has been set up, we started promoting it in Social Media - the electronic invitation, the confirmation form, Facebook and LinkedIN posts. In this way, we increased the visibility of the event and the number of participants was over 120. Super! 

In a festive yet cosy setting, AIPROM representatives, representatives of the SCAPA recycling company, farmers and distributors delivered talks about recycling pesticides’ packaging.

The topic of maximum interest was, of course, the importance of recycling packaging only after they are triple-rinsed by farmers, a procedure that turns a pesticide pack into a non-hazardous waste.
Beyond informing, the SCAPA mechanism aims to educate people in the industry about the importance of a responsible behavior when employed in farming.

10 years of SCAPA video
The moment that mostly impressed the audience was the presentation of the 10 years of SCAPA video, entirely created by the diARK team. Representatives of the authorities and farmers spoke with emotion and interest about the first contact with this mechanism, about its evolution over the years, and last but not least, launched a suggestion line for the development of SCAPA. The challenge of making the film was the effort to reduce the complex, engaging and passionate speech at most 10 minutes. Otherwise, we would have risked bothering the audience. 
You can watch it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCpmdAbiey4.

SCAPA award ceremony
Like every business event, the SCAPA annivesary ended with a moment dedicated to the recognition of all Collection Centers. Without their involvement, SCAPA would not have been that successful today.

What was WOW at the award ceremony? The throphies received by the rewarded. We are not talking about classic, conventional trophies, but trophies made of SCAPA’s work - composite wood, obtained by recycling pesticide packs. The first WPC (composite wood) producer in Romania – Bencomp is part of a group of companies with a tradition in the recycling of plastics, glass, electronics or packaging waste. An exciting ending moment, in the applause of all the guests, followed by a cocktail and networking session.

Promotional materials and goodie bags
When attending an event, guests must remain with a remembrance, something significant, related to the event theme. After brainstorming sessions with the entire team and our partners, we’ve come to idea that each guest should receive a hand soap made from natural ingredients - cucumber, carrot, mint, oatmeal, lavender.

Why soaps? We have mentioned above that the SCAPA project is closely related to the triple rinsing procedure, the mechanism by which farmers rinse 3 times an empty pesticide pack, in order to keep care of humans and environment.

Through a symbolic gift, a natural soap, the intent was to remind all invited key messages that have stood for 10 years behind the SCAPA project:
It's natural to take care. Of you and environment, so apply the rule of triple rinsing and when you wash your hands.
• If you take care of nature, the nature will take care of you - it offers you grains, fruits and vegetables that have beneficial effects on your skin and your entire body.

We like things made with care and personalized,  so we attached each soap messages about the ingredients and about the difficult future of global productions of fruit and vegetables in the lack of plant protection substances.

In addition to this specially designed gift for SCAPA, each guest received a useful promotional set - SCAPA brochure and flyer, a list of Collection Centers and triple rinse flyer. All these promotional materials are defined by a clear structure, well associated with a suitable visual.

Post-event promotion
We know that an event does not end when it's over, so we have continued to promote this moment. We shared social media with impressions, moments, conclusions, both with the people who were with us and those who appreciated the organization, but they did not succeed in attending the event.

The photo album and the post-event video generated positive reactions across the online community and it gives us even more satisfaction. We're proud of what we've done. We have managed to rise again to the expectations of our customers.

Until next time, we hope every project will bring us satisfaction in such high doses!