As the holiday season is upon us again we are looking to send our thoughts of joy, happiness and gratefulness in a creative, yet unique manner to all those around us. This joyful time is also perfect for acknowledging our accomplishments throughout the year and show our appreciation. Though many companies are sending greeting cards as a marketing tool, we consider that this little gesture can say a lot about the way you do business and interact with your partners. As a consequence, this year we recommended you to put a little though and a lot of heart in personalizing the greeting cards you will send.

Why are printed cards important?

Though email and social media are a nice way to send your holiday thoughts, nonetheless they are impersonal. Remember, what makes us connect at a human level are the smallest things, and a hand written card can have a much greater impact in putting you in the recipient's mind. A beautiful greeting card will be placed on someone’s desk and can be the starting point of a relaxed discussion.

So, as you already imagined your card design is as important as the messages itself, and this is why having an appealing visual matter.

If you want to be remembered by your partners in a cheerful way, then read our tips for personalizing your greeting cards.

  • Avoid choosing a visual that looks cheap, outdated or common.

Make sure you’ll have something specially designed for your company, and if you choose to print your cards, print them on a good, thick paper with a professional look. Remember, the purpose of sending this type of cards is not marketing your company. So do not attach logos, sales messages or any other advertising.

  • Be creative yet honest and simple.

If you feel creative, this is a good way of showing it, but don’t overdo it. Personal, simple and honest messages are desirable. If you can include a small handwritten message at the end of the letter that is even better. Most people will be pleased to see you put some effort in personalizing the card they are receiving.

  • Overall presentation

Having a visual and a good message is not enough. Don’t overlook the way you deliver your printed cards. Do you think an envelope is not that important? Well, than guess again. Let say you will receive 50 white envelopes. Which ones will you open and which ones you will discard? Without making you card noticed your risk of having your beautiful card thrown in a cold, dark drawer. To avoid this, add something to your envelope that will make it unique and stand out: either a handmade element, a pop of color or a beautiful graphic.

Holiday cards are the best way of letting your clients and partners know that you appreciate them, and a good way of making them feel important for your business. It is the best time to express your sincere gratitude for everything they are doing for you and strengthen your relationship.

And yes, please avoid sending inappropriate messages or visuals. No matter of your client’s level of humor, remember that this is not the right context, so no naked Santa’s.

Our last advice to you is making sure you are sending the cards in due time. Getting a Christmas card in January can be funny in some ways, but not the kind we are looking for.

Tell us your opinion on this matter, as always we’re just an email away!

See you around,