Firstly, we want to introduce you to a very specific marketing insight. As Peter Drucker wrote, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” In truth, marketing is about insights more than anything else.

As you all may already know, marketing is the overall process of communicating and delivering products to a target audience using sets of specific techiques. This is what us, marketers, do every day. Let’s take a closer look at a list with tips we want to share with you.

1. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you keep running in the dark

Knowing your consumers’ age, gender, lifestyle, education, hobbies, interests is crucial for your business’s success. All these pieces of information help you know who they are, what they buy, when the buy, why the buy. In a world full of ads, billboards, spots, videos and prints, products and services, it’s about being able to target the segment of a population that won’t feel annoyed when seeing your latest campaign. Keep this in mind: you can’t satisfy everyone in the world.
She or he will be interested in what you have to offer just because you know her or his needs. You are mainly selling a solution to their need, not necessarily a product. The key to succed among so many competitors is keeping consumer-oriented. Listen to your consumers. They are always right.

2. The storytelling matters

Beyond the professional side, we always keep in mind that it is very important to connect our costumers to our humanity side. It’s not only about selling products or services, but selling emotions. It could be the “American dream”, the joy of spending time with your loved ones, confidence, trust in future, missing your mother’s dishes or the love for your pets. Briefly, we want to give to our customers something meaningful, something that makes them living an experience while consuming that specific product. Marketing isn’t only about establishing a last connection in the minds, but in the hearts of people.

3. You have to stand apart from competitors

Every brand needs a reason to be chosen instead of their competitors. It is called USP (Unique Sales Proposition) and it is the answer to the following question: Why do people need this product? A strong USP allows you to avoid the trap of trying to please everyone. This process can be difficult, but it will help your business to be remembered in a super-crowded market. You have to focus on one main thing: what is it that sets you apart?
Let’s look at Starbucks as an example: their way from a small coffee shop to one of the most recognized brands all over the world was…bingo! a strong USP. They didn’t want to be known for many little things, but for one great thing – premium coffees. This is the only thing that they are known for and this is what makes Starbucks UNIQUE.

All in all, marketing is about being able to highlight your identity. Better than any others, these three tips design a favorable background for your future actions. Hope this will be helpful for you, marketers.

Until next time, Cora