Since the start of 2017 a lot was written about the new trends in marketing. Moreover, we attended some seminars and events where everyone spoke about technology as the new hit in marketing for this year, especially virtual reality.
We read and studied and even if experts put their bet on technology like virtual reality, we strongly believe that the excessive use of tech has a great disadvantage: it cannot be used for mass communication.

Instead, we think that another trend based on technology is more likely to reach large audiences: email marketing tools and software which transform the “old manual” concept of targeting in something new: hyper-personalization.
Targeting means, first of all, the segmentation of your customers, so you match your message with their needs.
If in the past years we used to rely more on demographics and on data gathered through sign up forms, surveys or loyalty cards, nowadays things have changed thanks to cookies which allow marketers to hyper-personalize their messages based on the actions of each Internet user.
Moreover, marketers can go offline to their customers by using another instrument: the smartphone.
Let’s say that you searched for a new pair of shoes on your favourite online store.
On your way to work you are notified on your smartphone that you are close to the store and some shoes you may like are discounted. Guess which pair is discounted? Exactly the ones you’ve searched for. Sounds frightening? Is just “marketing with permission” for which you agreed upon clicking on “I accept cookies”. As a conclusion, the demographics are not as relevant as in the past for marketers. Now it’s all about actions. However, do keep in mind that any new technological function distances you from the mass audiences.  Therefore, when you realize a campaign you should know from beginning what are your objectives. If you want to sell your services or products offline, to women and men of 60 years, from a small city, but you use Social Media and Google Ads, it’s unlikely to have positive results as your audience is not online.
This being said, our advice is to set your goals, to research and afterwards to choose the suitable “trend” for your business.
The success in any marketing campaign is reached if you pay attention to what your customers does and says. If you just want to follow the trends, you’ll lose money and time.

Until next time, Ema