FiNEXPERT on its 15th anniversary

Any event, whether we are talking about an anniversary one, a corporate one or a cocktail party, must be organized in advance, so that the big day will go naturally, without pressure and stress. Experience has taught us that the rush is ruining the job, so we prefer to take small but sure steps, at least two months before each event that we are about to organise.

15 years of FiNEXPERT

Immediately after organizing the 10 years of SCAPA anniversary event, which we mentioned in our previous blog post, we had to refresh our creative ideas folder and create another concept for another anniversary event. This time, for our dear partners FiNEXPERT Consulting, a financial-accounting services company. Long story short, a private party, along with all employees, customers, people who have participated in the evolution of FiNEXPERT over their 15 years of activity.

The first natural instinct would be to associate such a company with a corporate anniversary, a formal framework and a sober atmosphere, but the client's intention was to organize something atypical, away from the comfort zone and stereotypes about accountants.

Brainstorming! What should we do

A brainstorming session alongside the client team proved to be the official start of this non-conventional project. Why we say this? You will find out immediately!

We start with budgeting - quite permissive to give us freedom and provoke our creativity.

We continue with choosing the location, as we already knew the date and time - June 20th, 18:00. The weather is already warm, people are tired of spending at least 8 hours in their offices, so an outdoor party would be a truly stress-free oasis. 

After determining the advantages and disadvantages of each location firstly chosen, only 3 remained on top. We balanced the services offered with the offers received and we decided - Flavours in the Garden @ Diplomatic Club, an exclusive location with a lovely, full garden of greenery, trees and lights that make magic when dark.

Creative concept: #cevaFiN

As each event needs to be conceptualized following a smart concept, this time, our inspiration came from the name of the company and the main objective: celebrating 15 years of activity. In these 15 years, many stories have been written, many projects have been created. All customers, employees and partners have something in common -  a story, a memory, something about FiNEXPERT.

That's how we came to #cevaFiN, by combining a personal fingerprint of FiNEXPERT with a trend that is on everyone's keyboard these days - the hashtag.

From the very beginning, we have imagined the whole event as an association of FiN elements, not only one. More FiN Elements.

As the atmosphere of each event is ultimately measured by a beautiful memory and a photo album, what could be more appropriate than an atypical photo corner, like the #cevaFiN hashtag made of volumetric letters made?

15 years of FiNEXPERT mark a development, an evolution, and budding. A story with 15 chapters. At the event, we do not read stories, but expose them through elements that let the viewer build it on its own. Thus, we have transposed the #cevaFiN concept into a route of the most important moments of the 15 years, as follows:
  • BabyFiN – an easel with the print that highlights the company's debut year - 2003. Every birth means jubilance and balloons. Many and colorful. We had them;
  • We do not measure the 15 years only in a past-present axis, but in moments that have helped us to become what we are now. FiNEXPERT has evolved and grew. In figures, in the number of employees and in successful projects. An atypical element that encompasses all of them? A wooden ladder on which we can witness the evolution of more than a decade;
  • How has FiNEXPERT become what it is today? With the help of employees, clients, partners and all the people who wrote a page in the story of FiNEXPERT. Every guest at the event is part of FiNEXPERT. How can we show our deeply gratitude regarding their involvement? With the help of an exhibition of vintage mirrors in which the image of every person is reflected, with a direct message: "You (the one looking in the mirror) are FiNEXPERT too!”;
  • No matter how dull, atypical and lively are FiNEXPERT people, they have enjoyed 15 years of success just because they love their job. The figures wrote their story and we had to expose their love for numbers. At the event, all the figures leaning on the tree branches marked the festive atmosphere.

When we imagined the concept, the route and the story, all the elements were just sketches on a flipchart. After long talks with suppliers, so that every single element would come out perfectly, just as we have imagined, the hashtag, the prints, the exhibition, the ladder and the figures became tangible.

Goodie bag #cevaFiN

We did not move away from the concept and theme of the event even when we thought of the goodie bag to be offered to each participant.

How do creative people derive a concept? #cevaFiN = fine chocolate. 15 years of #cevaFiN = fine chocolate with 15 ingredients, one for each year. For an even stronger emotion, we attached a label to each box so that people understand that the choice was not accidental. The story, beautifully laid out among the fresh fruit images, opened instead of the cliché "Once upon a time…" with: "One year, a flavor, one step further."

In addition to the 15 tastes that conveyed the idea of ​​different experiences whose mix produced a WOW result, we wanted to offer our guests an extraordinary experience that they do not enjoy at every attended event. For each participant, FiNEXPERT donated a certain amount to the 160 children whose education Fundația Regina Maria is closely dealing with. This initiative was simply marked by a CSR card, with the message "Let's open together THE FUTURE OF THE KIDS!"

#cevaFiN people

Once we have set all the details that we talked about above - budget, date, time, location, concept, decorative elements, goodie bag, we set the guest list. Here, the work was on the client side. Every partner and employee made a personal list of the people they wanted to celebrate on that special day.

After we have collected all the 200 participants in a final list, we started sending invitations in electronic format, an invitation that included all the useful information they needed: location, dress code, hour. Because the event was an anniversary one, the purpose of the whole team was to spend a memorable evening with the people who have supported FiNEXPERT over the years. We didn’t have a proper agenda of the event, just the teasing of a SUPREME moment. As you can see below, Chef Foa has been preparing, during the event, #cevaFiN.

All in all, it was a full event - with emotions and smiles, smell of burgers and fine chocolate, vintage figures and mirrors, dance rhythms and toasts, memories and plans for the future.

Testimonies for this atmosphere described in the above ranks are the pictures of the event: PHOTO ALBUM #cevaFiN EVENT