The concept of CSR has been present for a long time in the business environment, but how did it become so mainstream as of late?

CSR has ceased to be a concept and became a manifest type of program when companies realized that it is actually an instrument with which they can build and support their brand. The benefits having a CSR program are numerous, especially for those companies that want to remain relevant and who already believe in a noble cause. Thus helping increase the revenue and consolidating the position on the market.

It is very important to know that this model is beneficial when companies are already taking the necessary steps and are communicating in a transparent way. Else, false advertising can lead to communication crises, that are seldom very difficult to manage and at times hard to get over. CSR must become part of the mission  of an organization and its message should have a  strong position in the advertising world.

We believe that is in our duty to try to build a sustainable environment and to be as responsible as possible. We should start working on the prevention more so that we eventually prosper and become a healthy society. How do we succeed though? Well, we try to keep up with the projects of the charitable organizations around us and to have as many collaborations as possible, whilst supporting their initiatives. Common goals act like superpowers that amplify a message and make everything more resonant.

Charitable organizations that we're friends with

An association that we really like is Workshops without Borders. They advocate for the social inclusion and help those that are vulnerable, discriminated, or able to work, but that are considered inappropriate for the rest. Nelson Mendela's message perfectly describes their mission: "Eliminating poverty is not an act of charity, but an act of justice. Like slavery or apartheid, poverty is not a natural state. It is man-made and can be eradicated by people's actions.” Their projects help disadvantaged young people become aware of their own value.

We should not fail to mention the Casiopeea Association, whose manifest is the prevention and maintenance of health through exercising, in order to maintain a more balanced life. We strongly admire their work of promoting healthy habits across companies and schools, because an active and sport-oriented life can help emerge strong values ​​such as respect, friendship, courage and initiative. These are the Casiopeea values ​​as well, and we appreciate their efforts to organize yearly the Pink Race to help improve the lives of women affected by breast cancer.

Another project that we really like is Bine Boutique, the first charity shop open by the Romanian Red Cross. BINE Boutique is a second hand shop that sells donated clothes. BINE Boutique then redirect the funds that are obtained to social projects coordinated by the Red Cross. We agree with their message and try to be responsible and trendy consumers and invite you to go buy from their shop. You can find it on 29, Biserica Amzei street.

Yet another organization that we hold dear is REGINA MARIA Foundation, the first free polyclinic in Bucharest, sustained by Regina Maria’s Private Health Network. It is the only nonprofit organization that provides integrated healthcare for people without a medical insurance. We are grateful that they exist, because through their actions the less fortunate can get the chance to a better health system.

Last but not least, we are super impressed by the association Valentina Romania. The super humans are offering classes to children with little access to a schooling system and most certainly are giving them a fair chance for a better future. Valentina Romania is located in Ferentari, the 5th district of Bucharest and children daily in their after-school center. The children are helped with their homework, and offered a hot meal, while being kept engaged in creative activities especially made for them.

A better world can come with your help too! Tell us about your favourite NGOs and CSR campaigns.